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Incredible String Art By Ukrainian Artist Zenyk Palagniuk

Ukrainian student and an artist Zenyk Palagniuk used about 13,000 nails, a hammer, and 24 km (15 miles) of thread to create his impressive artwork. It took the artist over 200 hours to complete an amazingly realistic portrait of Justin Timberlake. Palagniuk has started his work by sketching the portrait on a large piece of plywood. After that, he hammered in all of the nails and wrapped the thread, varying the thickness to create the final portrait.

The style is very similar to one pioneered by Kumi Yamashita, but the major difference is that Yamashita uses a single thread to create her striking portraits.

Why Zenyk (Зіновій Палагнюк) has chosen Justin Timberlake for his artwork? The answer is simple. “I am a fan of Timberlake, both as an actor and as a singer. The thought that I can make something good by myself, by my hands for the birth of his son, Silas has inspired me”, Zenyk Palagniuk explained. That’s how the artist has got an idea to create a portrait using some unusual techniques, especially that he has already had an experience doing something that goes beyond the usual. For example, Zenyk has already created the artwork using a dotwork technique, or the work, written simultaneously by charcoal and watercolor.

According to Ukrainian media, the canvas 3 x 2 meters was stored in Barvinsky Humanitarian Pedagogical College in Chortkiv, Ternopil oblast, Ukraine, as Zenyk Palagniuk is originally from Chortkiv, but now he lives in Dallas, TX.

Watch the creative process from start to finish in the video below, called “For Justin Timberlake” filmed by Vova Zagranovsky.

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