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Czech Firms Are Keen To Hire Ukrainian Workers

There is an acute shortage of welders, plumbers, loath-machine operators, sanitation engineers in the Czech Republic, Radio Praha says. So, even despite the language barrier Czech companies are keen to hire Ukrainian workers.

A draft government project to attract Ukrainian employees has only been targeted at university graduates but may be amended. “Employing Ukrainians is a necessity as without them some Czech businesses would be unable to fulfill their orders and collapse,” says a vice president of the vice president of the Czech Chamber of Commerce Bartoneva Palkova.

In 2014, 35,000 Ukrainians got their official jobs in the Czech Republic out of 65,000 coming from non-EU countries, reports

Until recently, only Ukrainian with college education could claim jobs in the Czech Republic. Now, Ukrainians with lower education are invited.

Despite the fact that there are 430,000 Czechs registered as unemployed their qualifications are too low for local employers, the official says.

Last year, Radio Praha informed, that Czech Republic ready to employ skilled Ukrainian labor. The Czech government is to launch a new fast-track program to make it easier for high school and university graduates from Ukraine to seek employment in the Czech Republic. The government hopes to fill gaps in the labor market with new applicants.