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Ukraine Is Switching To Winter Time

Early morning, October 25, 2015, Ukraine is traditionally switching to the so-called “winter time” (Standard Time). At 4am clocks should go one hour back. Time for various electronic devices, computer monitors, mobile devices, etc. at 4:00 should show 03:00.

This does not mean that we will have to wake up specifically to change the time. In most modern devices and gadgets is done automatically. We can switch to the winter time even the evening and just sleep for one hour more.

Seasonal time change is regulated by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of May 13, 1996 №509 “On procedure of time calculation on the territory of Ukraine.”

The transition to “winter time” and back to the “summer time” took place regularly in the USSR and Ukraine since 1981. First introduced in the UK in 1908 in order to save electricity and now it is used in more than 100 countries worldwide. In contrast, countries such as Japan, dont’t change time but in spring and autumn they change the start of the working day at official institutions and other enterprises.

There is an Eastern European Time in Ukraine: UTC + 2 – winter (November-March), UTC + 3 – summer (April-October). Kyiv time differs by 1 hour from the European time and 1 hour from Moscow time.

On September, 20th, 2011 the Ukrainian Parliament has passed a resolution to cancel the country’s transition to Winter Time, initiated by Oleg Nadosha (Party of Regions) to align Ukraine with neighbouring Russia and Belarus. But on October 18, 2011 the Parliament of Ukraine changed their mind, saying that they just don;t want to bring confusion during the Euro-2012. On the 27 October 2013 Ukraine switched to winter time without any discussions.

It is considered that the “normal” time is winter time, which in most countries coincide with the standard astronomical time of the time zone. Therefore, it is believed that it is necessary to cancel Summer Time, but not Winter Time.

Time changes are affecting certain physiological processes in our body. It doesn’t cause sicknesses, but the stress it brings, can be a trigger for exacerbations of different diseases.

Knowing the fact that gradual changes in the body continue for about two weeks (or rather 10-14 days), it is better to reduce the physical and emotional burden, both at work and at home during this time.

At the beginning, especially in the first three days, you need to give your body more sleep. While getting up according to the new time in the mornings, you need to go to bed as before. In any case, you need to extend the duration of sleep for one hour, regardless of which direction the clocks have been rewinded.

And of course, doctors are advised to take vitamins, especially vitamin C.