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Kyiv Motherland Monument

Kyiv Motherland Monument entered TOP-16 world’s most enormous statues list compiled by Business Insider.

If you have been to Kyiv, you could see this statue from various points of the city. It is located in Pechers’ky Landshaftny Park, next to Kyiv Pechers’k Lavra.

Kyiv’s statue of the Motherland is a memorial of the Great Patriotic War (World War II). The statue itself is 62 meters (203.4 feet) tall, the overall height is 102 meters (334.6 feet) and made of a chrome nickel steel variation. Its weight is about 450 tons.

In the left hand the statue is a shield, decorated with the state symbol of the USSR (13 tons). In the right hand there is a sword which weighs 9 tons and is 16 meters (52.5 feet) long. The monument was opened by L.Brezhnev in 1981.

“The National Museum of the history of World War II” is located at the base of the statue. Its base begins at a depth of 17,8 meters (58.4 feet) below the museum entrance. There’s a concrete well with a diameter of 34 meters (111.5 feet), reaching down 17.8 meters also.

The Statue’s “skeleton” is made from stainless steel and was produced in Zaporizhzhya. It was the first statue of it’s size ever made in the USSR. Its final construction was in the Kyiv factory Parizhskoi Kommuny with the help of the Institute of Electric Welding, ie; Patona.

Kyiv Motherland Monument

The monument was assembled with the use of a 100 meters (328 feet) tall crane, specially made in Donbass. It is calculated, that the statue can survive a 9 point earthquake and should last for over 150 years.

There are two elevators inside the statue. One is inclined (moving on rollers at an angle of 75 degrees) and another one is vertical. Inclined elevator takes people inside the pedestal. The vertical lift takes you to the statue’s chest (so called 9th floor); then you need to climb one of the ladders that take you to both hands and to the top of the head.

Kyiv Motherland Monument Construction Hand

It was previously possible to go inside the head, sword and shield areas, but in 2003 the access for tourists was limited, due to a series of accidents. Later when security measures have been strengthened and new high fences have bee installed, it became possible see Kyiv from the top again.

Kyiv Motherland Monument View

Photo by Vitaliy Stelmakh


First you walk to the 3rd floor of the museum, then you take the inclined elevator to the low (36 meters) observation deck, which is equipped with binoculars. Children from 7 y.o., and the ladies on high heels are allowed to go there too.

It will take about 30 minutes to get to the top of the Motherland Statue. After the first deck you will be asked to sign a paper that you know the rules and to leave unnecessary things. Then you take the vertical lift, then a small vertical ladder and the inclined ladder which turns into the vertical one inside the statue’s hand. You will need to use a safety belt every time you climb non-standard stairs.

The top deck is located on the height of the 92 meters on the rear side of the shield above the fingers of the statue’s left hand. There is a fence from all sides of the deck.

Note that you will have not more than 15 minutes to see the magnificent view of the Dnipro, Lavra and the rest of Pechersk, and take photos.

It is not recommedned to take kids, if you have respiratory or heart problems, women who are expecting a baby, eldery people and ladies on high heels and or wearing skirts. Make sure you have comfortable shoes and clothing.


Low observation deck – 50 hryvnia
Top observation deck – 200 hryvnia

Working hours:

Every day from 10am to 5pm. Monday could be a day off, so better check if you decide to go.
It is advised to come before 3pm in case of the lines.


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Cover photo by Alexey Grygorenko