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Ukrainian Aviation Museum Among Ten World’s Best

Ukraine’s State Aviation Museum was ranked sixth among World’s Best Aviation Museums, reports CNN. The rating includes descriptions and comparisons of 14 aviation museums worldwide. Listed museums display the most remarkable achievements and items of pilots, engineers, designers and eminent passengers of first airplane journeys.

Ukraine’s State Museum of Aviation was established in 2003 with only 30 showpieces; however today it is the largest aeronautic museum in the country. On 20 hectares of land the permanent collection embraces over 70 exhibits, including bomber aircrafts, jet fighters, sub- and supersonic aircrafts, missile carriers, commercial and transport planes, helicopters and first unmanned aerial vehicles. The museum features exclusively machines of the Soviet era production. Visitors of the museum are exposed to a wide range of aircrafts from the leading Soviet designers, including Antonov, Illyushin, Tupolev, Yakovlev and others.

Additionally, the exhibit features a variety of missiles, used during WWII and the Cold War.

The pearl of Ukraine’s State Aviation Museums is Tupolev-104, the first jet aircraft produced in the Soviet Union. Interestingly, Tu-104 was the world’s only jet plane, operated during 1956-1958. “The world’s first jet airliner, the Tupolev-104, made its first passenger flight between Moscow and Irkutsk. This plane is now in the State Aviation Museum of Ukraine, and it’s the oldest surviving aircraft of this type,” reflects Felix Yanovskyi, a professor of Kyiv National Aviation University.

Ukrainian Aviation Museumphoto by puerrtto.livejournal.com

Interestingly, the runway of Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany) is adjacent to Ukraine’s State Aviation Museum, which enables the visitors to observe landings, take-offs and runway maneuvers of small- and medium-size aircrafts. Additionally, the museum visitors have an opportunity to see interiors of certain aircrafts.

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum of Washington D. C. in the United States heads the rating, reports CNN. Within European space, Imperial War Museum Duxford (Duxford, United Kingdom) is rated number two, French Air and Space Museum (Le Bourget, France) is ranked number five, Polish Aviation Museum (Krakow, Poland) is placed on the eighth place and Central Museum of the Air Forces (Monino, Russia) takes the 13th spot.

The rating was carried out by CNN to portray the history of aviation development since the debut of the Wright brothers on December 14, 1903 and the commencement of the first commercial flight, completed from Saint Petersburg, Florida to Tampa, Florida in January 1904. All rated museums present the history of aviation’s development, since the start-off in the early 20th century.

Address: Kyiv, Str. Medovaya 1

Web-site: http://aviamuseum.com.ua/en

Source: WNU-Ukraine
Cover photo by puerrtto.livejournal.com