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Kyiv Metro Station Named One Of The Most Beautiful In The World

Kyiv metro station Zoloti Vorota (“Golden Gate”) was included in the list of 20 most unusual and beautiful metro stations around the world.

The American edition Business Insider compiled a list of the most beautiful and unusual subway stations in the world.

Some public underground stations are designed as stunning spaces, full of breathtaking murals and incredible light projections. A collection of the most striking metro stations around the globe include the stations in Taiwan, Dubai, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, the United States, and Russia.

“The Zoloti Vorota in Kiev, Ukraine, was created through a series of artists who filled the station with intricate mosaics along its columns and surfaces. It also hosts chandeliers with candle-shaped lighting to create an elegant space,” Business Insider reports.

The main renovated entrance to Zoloti Vorota metro station has been opened recently.

Kyiv Metro was opened in the fall of 1960. Construction spanned eleven years, from 1949 to 1960. The first built line was the red line, Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska.

Zoloti Vorota is the 29th station of the Kyiv Metro system. The station was opened as part of the first segment of the Syretsko-Pecherska Line on 31 December 1989. It is located near the city’s Golden Gate (an entrance to the ancient Kyiv fortress), from which the station takes its name. Read about Golden Gates here.

Zoloti Vorota subway station features 80 distinct mosaic pieces and images, which run clockwise around the station, depicting the history of Kyivan Rus. The two artists Hryhoriy Korin and Volodymyr Fedko, accompanied by the station’s lead architect Vadym Zhezherin, created these beautiful mosaic decorations. In 2011, the station’s mosaics were listed as “newly discovered objects of cultural heritage” by the city’s Department of Cultural Heritage.

Passengers can enjoy not only ornaments of Kyivan Rus, but its most famous figures – Kyi, Shchek, Horiv, Lybid, Askold and Dir, Prince Oleh, Volodymyr, Yaroslav, Mstyslav and others (in total 27 images).

Kyi, Shchek, Horiv, Lybid mosaics in Kyiv metro

The station has 9 mosaics depicting other important personalities of the Kyivan Rus. Also, you can see images of the Church of the Tithes, the Saint Sophia Cathedral, St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Cathedral, the St. Cyril’s Monastery and other churches of the ancient Kyiv (8 mosaics).

Mosaics depicting Kyiv churches in Kyiv subway

There are 32 mosaic pieces featuring simargls, the mythical creatures in East Slavic mythology, often depicted as a winged lion or a dog.

Mosaics featuring simargls in Kyiv metro

A panel, depicting the patron of Kyiv, Saint Michael the Archangel, was installed on the side that leads to the city exit. One of the mosaic panels at the end of the station near the escalators includes a famous Ukrainian slogan Slava Ukraini (Glory to Ukraine).

Slava Ukraini - Glory to Ukraine in Kyiv metrophoto:

Number of individual elements on each of the mosaics is about three thousand, which means according to the most rough calculations there are at least half a million elements on all mosaics! And all of this has been created within a few months. Read more and see more photos of Zoloti Vorota metro station here.

In 2013, Zoloti Vorota (Golden Gate) metro station in Kyiv has been included in the list of the 22 most impressive underground railway stations in Europe according to Britain’s Daily Telegraph.

In 2011, Zoloti Vorota has been included in the list of the 15 most beautiful subway stations in the world, according to Bootsnall, a world-known travel guide.

Photo: Flickr/Michał Huniewicz