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Half Of The Ukrainians Prefer The New Year, Another Half - Christmas

Christmas and a New Year are the most favorite winter holidays for the majority of Ukrainians, according to a poll conducted by the Sociological Group “Rating”.

42% of Ukrainians name Christmas as their favorite holiday, while 43% vote for the New Year, 5% mentioned the Day of St. Nicholas as their favorite holiday, 3% – the Old New Year, 5% do not like any of these holidays, and 3% – undecided.

More Ukrainians in the Western Ukraine prefer Christmas over the New Year.

The younger and the wealthier respondents, the greater their commitment to the New Year. Men like the New Year slightly more than women. Christmas is more popular among rural residents.

Compared to 2011 the New Year popularity decreased from 49% to 43%.

New Year - Christmas in Ukraine poll

More than a third of Ukrainians (37%) believe in St. Nicholas, 53% – do not believe, 8% are undecided, and 2% – do not know who he is.

22% of Ukrainians believe in Santa Claus, 70% – do not believe, 7% are undecided, and 1% – do not know who he is.

St. Nicholas vs Santa Claus in Ukraine

According to the poll, 64% of Ukrainians adhere to tradition to give gifts on St. Nicholas Day (December 19). At the same time, one-third (31%) of the population do not have such a tradition, 2% are unaware of this holiday, 3% are undecided. Most supporters of this tradition live in the West (83%), comparing to 67%, which live in the central part of Ukraine. In the South and East of Ukraine, half of the respondents give gifts on St. Nicholas Day.

Women, youth, the wealthier Ukrainians and those who have children under 18 years are more inclined to maintain this tradition.

The poll by the Sociological group “Rating” was held December 1 – 10, among 2,000 respondents by personal formal interviews (face-to-face). The error: no more than 2.2%. (See more on their website)