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Kyiv Student Made An Electric Car Out Of Old Zaporozhets

A student of the Kyiv Politechnic Institute Dmytro Lypko has made an electric vehicle out of the old Zaporozhets ZAZ. According to the official Facebook page of the Welding faculty of the NTU “KPI”, it took three months to create this unique electric car. Dmytro’s father and the members of the automotive club “Electro autosam” have helped the young man in his work.

“Three months of planning, disassembly and assembly, and here’s the result. The electric car rides 50 km in the urban cycle, which is quite enough to travel to the university and back home”, the source reports.

The student only needed the old “humpbacked” Zaporozhets, an electric engine, one fourth of the Nissan Leaf batteries, an electronic control unit and of course, a great desire, for his electric invention.

electric vehicle out of the old Zaporozhets ZAZphotos: Facebook